One Switch Can Save You So Much On Your Smartphone Plan

Mobile phones, everyone has them these days. But does everyone have the same smartphone plan and pay the same amount to use them each month? It’s very likely that a lot of people these days pay crazy amounts to their mobile phone carriers each month just to keep using their mobile phones.

Today, we are going to fix that. By showing some options that can help you make the switch, and save money each month on that mobile phone bill each month.

A carrier that I would like to showcase is called Boost mobile. Their plans start out at £23.26 a month. What that gives you is unlimited data, with 1G of high speed 3G/4G data. With this plan you also get unlimited talk and text, so you won’t have to worry about having to keep track of minutes, or texts.

Next, they have the £29.9 plan, which includes unlimited talk and text, with unlimited data. This upgrade also gets you 5GB of high speed data instead of 1. Their most expensive plan is £36.55 a month. This plan gets you unlimited talk and text, wit the unlimited data. Instead of getting 5GB of high speed data, you get 10GB of high speed data to use instead.In case you were wondering about international talk and text, we have you covered.

Boost mobile has a couple different options to help fit your lifestyle. Their cheapest international plan is only £3.32 a month. This plan gets you unlimited talk and text to Canada and Mexico. You also get unlimited international text to anywhere.For someone with more connections, or just need to talk or text to more than just Canada and Mexico, they have a £6.64 plan.

This plan comes with unlimited talk to over 70 some countries around the world. It also gives you a discount on call rates at a number of destinations. Additionally, it gives you 1,000 minutes to Mexico mobile phones, or landline phones in the Dominican Republic, which you can combine the two.

Lastly, it gives you unlimited text internationally.Of course, the international plans are £3.32 or £6.64 extra tacked on to your phone bill each month, but Boost mobile’s cheap plans aren’t bad at all, even if you need the extras on your plan each month. A nice thing about Boost mobile is they have ways to get some money too.

One programme they have is called their ‘buyback programme’ where they pay you to trade in or recycle your old phone. Additionally, they have a referral programme where you can refer a friend, and earn up to £16.61 for each friend you refer! That money you could use to help pay your phone bill each month.If your interested in saving money on your mobile phone bill each month, Boost mobile is definitely worth looking into.

One mentionable about Boost mobile, is as of right now, they are running some specials to get people to join. Right now they have a special running where your first month of service is free. Lastly, A nice thing with Boost mobile is the company is no contract, so you don’t have to worry about being stuck with them for the next 2 years. So if a better deal comes along, you can always switch phone carriers.

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